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Meet Isabella

Meet BellaIsabella "Bella" enrolled in the Georgia Virtual School in January 2021 when the family decided to relocate from Hawaii to Georgia. At the time she was enrolled in another online program, but wanted to bridge into the Georgia School system to ensure she began working on the Georgia High School requirements. As a result of the GaVS program, she was able to maintain her academic studies while also planning and executing the transpacific move with her family. 

Attending a small rural school had its logistics challenges, and through GaVS, Bella was able to supplement her curriculum at McIntosh County Academy with specific courses that helped support her daily transit between the College of Coastal Georgia (CCGA) and the high school. She was able to participate and letter in Varsity Volleyball, Cheer and Soccer, as well as tour colleges, with the flexibility the online options provided. While at CCGA, she received high marks in her classes and was inducted into the Kappa Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honor Society. Additionally, her work was published in CCGA's art and literary magazine "Seaswells."
Bella graduated from McIntosh County Academy as Valedictorian and Star Student and was accepted to Georgia Tech, University of Georgia, Auburn, Ole Miss, Georgia Military College and CCGA. She was waitlisted this year for the U.S. Coast Guard Academy Class of 2027 and elected to attend Georgia Military College in their service Academy scholar prep program. She is in the process of reapplying to USCGA class of 2028. 
A huge debt of gratitude to the teachers and staff of the GaVS program - they were absolutely critical to Bella's success!

Meet Gwen

Meet GwenGwen is an exceptionally dedicated student enrolled in my Spanish IIIB this semester. She has previously taken our Spanish IAB, IIAB, and IIIA courses, excelling in all. In addition to taking Spanish IIIB, this 2023 Spring Semester, she is enrolled in 9th grade - Lit/Comp; GSE Geometry; Physical Science; and Middle School Social Studies. She attends the weekly Synchronous Sessions and enjoys participating in the "Scrabelli" activity. She has been a GaVS student since 2019 and has been awarded a silver medal for her achievement on the 2023 National Spanish Exam.
Her hobby is writing. She recently received a full scholarship from Stanford Winter Journalism Workshop and hopes to publish her first book next year.

Meet Danielle

Meet DanielleDanielle is a student in my Introduction to Business & Technology class. She immediately was a standout in the course because of her passion and love for business. Danielle is a first-year student at GaVS and is currently in the ninth grade. She maintains a high GPA while taking a full load of classes (including AP courses) and running her own business! She is a full-time GaVS student and is enjoying the time and flexibility that virtual school offers. She likes to use her time outside of school to make more products and grow her business. She has applied her learning from the Introduction to Business & Technology course to her business including improved marketing techniques, innovative methods of competition, and plans for future expansion. You can find out more about Danielle's business by visiting her business Facebook page.

Meet Ethan

Meet EthanEthan is a multi-talented student with interests in music, STEM, tennis, and languages. A highly talented musician, Ethan began playing piano at the age of 4, and at the age of 9 gave a solo performance on cello in Carnegie Hall. He has entered many music competitions playing piano or cello, earning many awards, including first place honors in many. In the summer of 2022 Ethan played with his Spitzenreiter Piano Trio group at the Charleston International and the Franklin Pond Chamber Music competition in the MS division taking 1st place and earning scholarship money, and second place at American Virtuoso International Chamber Music Competition. The trio group will be playing at Carnegie in June 2023 and he will be playing solo cello again at Carnegie in December 2023.

So, what else does Ethan do? He is a Math varsity member, Tennis varsity team member, and assistant cello principal at Walton Chamber Orchestra. He is also the youngest cellist selected for the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra Digital Division in 2022.

What is Ethan learning? He is learning that different aspects of all areas of life require different amounts and kinds of practice, as there are times of analysis and debugging of logic needed for programs in the Computer Science Principles course to get the programs running in the way that he wants them to. 

Overall, Ethan is a very busy young man, with a wealth of talent and a knack for rising to the top.

Meet Kate

Meet KateKate has really taken virtual learning and made it her own. She is creative and she does incredible artwork for each of our projects. Most recently she has started to take the work we do and adapt her submissions to fit her unique skills and style, using watercolors to paint posters. It's detailed and time-consuming work! Additionally, Kate's contributions to the class discussions are second to none. She really is an example for the rest of the students in the class on how to interact in a virtual classroom through discussions. Check out an example of Kate's work.



Meet Jo

Meet JoJo is a shining star in AP Language and Composition; impeccable work that is exemplary with regards to formatting and insightful content, consistently engaged in probing deeper within class discussions and assignments, and the most poetically beautiful way of capturing thoughts on paper. A conscientious student, Jo is a delight and will continue to do amazing things!




Meet Hugh

Meet HughHugh is an exceptionally hard-working student. He told me at the beginning of the school year that he chose Spanish as his language of study because his family was in the process of adopting four children from Colombia. He continued to study while they travelled there for some time this winter, and he was so excited to discuss the process! His siblings spoke no English, so he had been learning Spanish for a few years in an effort to become fluent before the adoption was complete and they came home.  

Even while traveling out of the country, Hugh has continued to join the weekly live chats. He participates in all of the offered activities and is a joy to speak with. I have been honored to be his teacher and hope he continues his journey of learning Spanish at Georgia Virtual.