How to Register as an Out of State Student

  1. Create your GaVS account. 
  2. Log in to your GAVS account, and click to download the Enrollment Verification Form. This must be submitted by a school official for public and private students, and a parent must submit the completed form for home school students. Completed forms will be emailed to Nikki Walker (
  3. Apply for courses.
  4. Your application(s) will be reviewed and approved once your Enrollment Verification Form is submitted. If additional information or documentation is needed, the Georgia Virtual out of state facilitator will contact you via email.
  5. Login and pay your tuition and fees for your course(s).

*Georgia Virtual School does not issue credit for classes. An out of state student is required to check with his/her local school regarding taking any GaVS courses and receive the appropriate permissions prior to beginning the approval process. At the end of the semester, Georgia Virtual School will provide the student's local school with a numeric grade for the course and it will be the school's responsibility to transcribe the credit onto the student's transcript. In the event that an out of state student registers for a course that requires a Georgia End of Course Assessment (EOC), the student will take the final exam for that course.