Registration Procedures

Registration Procedures
    1. Create course requests.
    2. Submit course requests.
    3. Facilitator approval
    4. Payment type determined
    5. Materials Release/Waiver (if applicable)
    6. Facilitator moves course request to enrollment.
    7. Access class on the first day of the semester

Register for Your Course(s)
    1. Create a Student Account by clicking HERE
    2. Log in to the student account and submit course requests.

Registration Procedures


Before You Begin…
In order to enroll in course(s) from Georgia Virtual School, you must have the approval of your local school. Please check with your local school about taking GaVS courses.

Register for Your Course(s)

Georgia students: To begin the registration process, students must create an account. Click here to create your account. If you have an existing account, click here to log in and apply for a course or review your progress.

Out of state students: Please contact the GaVS out of state facilitator, Nikki Walker, at She will supply the parent/guardian or local school with the enrollment verification form. Once the enrollment verification is received, students may create a GaVS account, and apply for courses. The GaVS out of state facilitator will approve your courses.

All students and parents: Account creation requires basic registration and demographic information only. A Georgia Testing Identification Number (GTID) will be added to the student account within a week after successful creation. Applications may be submitted before a GTID is added to the account.